Israel Innovation Effect: Fintech & Cyber Showcase 2016

Israel is one of the World’s leading innovation hubs, also known as the “Start-Up Nation”.

This year’s Israel Innovation Effect conference will be hosted by UBS in Zurich, offering a unique opportunity to meet with some of the most innovative Israeli companies from the Fintech and Cyber Security scenes.

Presenting companies and categories:

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8:45 Registration of participants and welcome coffee.
9:15 Welcome Addresses & Organization of the Day

Dirk Klee, COO, UBS Wealth Management

Thomas Ruck, Managing Director, Accenture Digital

Asi Yosef, Commercial Attaché, Embassy of Israel in Switzerland

9:30 Keynote Presentation: The foundation for the future – how UBS prioritizes its digital agenda

Stefan Arn, Global Head of Technology for UBS Wealth Management and UBS Switzerland & Group IT Head for Strategic Regulatory Initiatives

09:50 Vendor’s presentations

Moderation: Marc Hodara, Director of Business Development, Embassy of Israel

10:30 Coffee break
11:00 Keynote Presentation: The Swiss Fintech landscape and an outlook for the future

George Schmidt, Managing Director, Accenture

11:20 Guest Speaker: The Blockchain industry landscape

Jonathan S. Rouach, Israeli Blockchain Expert

11:30 Vendors’ presentations
12:15 Networking lunch
13:20 Prescheduled One-on-One meetings- 20 minutes per meeting
17:00 End of the event

Meet with Israeli Innovation!

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